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About Portfolio

This section is about my portfolio where I interviewed others and asked them how they feel about their idols. Not only that, my own feelings for them is included here too. Hopefully, this portfolio section will have a lot of contents so that it will underline our moments with the idols and serve as remembrances.

Bowleo Tan

From Bowleo Tan

When I meet them in the fan meeting in South Korea, I was so nervous, at the same time I was happy too. As I cannot express my feeling well, members of Twice are really quite interesting to me and they try hard to interact with fans even with language barrier.

Yuan Jie

From Tan Yuan Jie

They helped me to overcome the stress, pressure by listening to their songs and their services to the fans. Without them, I will be more miserable than now. Because of that, I feel broke as I bought their album to support them and show them that I am grateful.

Dennis Tay

From Dennis Tay

Began during 'Sixteen' survival show. From there, I was strucked by the trainees in 'Sixteen' survival show. They are too perfect until I love them. They have such great visuals. Who will not love them? They gave me power to face my messy life. ONCE ALWAYS



IZ*ONE, Eyes on me! As soon as we became one, everyone remembers! Their introduction, confidence and personality encourage me to pick up my confidence. With next-level visuals and kind hearts, I involuntarily support them as a fan. Hence, I become WIZ*ONE.

Julian Sieow

From Julian Sieow

BTS... They are so different from the other artists. They always use their influence to contribute to the world. Their song lyrics and speeches never fail to amaze me. Their lyrics always touches the heart of the human. They are so talented and a great role model for me.

Abigail Ang

From Abigail Ang

BANGTAN BOYS! BTS. I have lots of unforgettable memories thanks to them and their music and also the ARMY fandom. Their stupid funny stories, craziness, fan moments....However, I wish they will stop becoming westernized and return back in the days once again.